The New Project

May 18, 2022

Players reach out to us daily, asking for any updates on our newest project. So let’s collect everything there is to know in one place.

Our new game has not been officially revealed yet. It will be something completely new and fresh, not another entry in the Surge series. But these games set an important foundation for us to build on, since they helped us strengthen our expertise in gameplay and world design. And so did all your feedback! We learned that our players enjoy a challenge, which difficulty level they can adjust themselves by using the tools of the world. They care about discovering and exploring an intriguing world and love creative freedom when approaching enemy encounters. And we plan to deliver on all these aspects. We’re super happy to be supported by Focus Entertainment! As a publisher they knew exactly how to help us make our vision come true in the past with the Surge games, and we’re grateful they’re also believing in this new project as much as we do.

We’re looking forward to the moment the game will be officially revealed in the future, to then hear all your feedback and opinions on it, and to start answering your questions!

If we got you genuinely interested and you suddenly feel the urge to work on this project yourself, we would be more than happy to receive your application today!

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