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Deck13 Interactive is one of Germany’s leading developers with more than 18 years of experience. With over 60 employees located in Frankfurt, Deck13 Interactive has developed upwards of 20 titles, including major releases such as The Surge and Lords of the Fallen. Currently the team is working on The Surge 2 and a new unannounced IP.

Under the “Deck13 Spotlight” label the team established a publishing service to help independent developers bring their projects to wider audiences. Deck13 Spotlight is a growing division with an experienced team and access to major console markets. For more than 10 published games such as CrossCode, Deck13 managed Producing, Localization, QA, Marketing, PR & Distribution.

We will continue to give all we can to offer the best possible gaming experince to someone very special: YOU, THE PLAYER!

CrossCode Available Now!

Grab your gear and dive into a submissive Retro inspired 2D Action RPG. CrossCode combines old-school 16-bit styled graphics with ultra sleek physics, an untethered combat system, and captivating puzzle-like mechanics, served with a seducing sci-fi story. After years of perfection CrossCode is out now and…

Jobs Available Now!

Would you like to support our great office management team? We are currently looking for reinforcements!

Check out all the creative job opportunities available at Deck13’s job page.

Looking for a Publisher?

If so, have a look at our Deck13 Spotlight website for more details about our publishing services. Deck13 Interactive established a publishing service back in 2014 with a progressive goal in assisting independent developers reach a wider audience.

Our mission is support, our vision is success.


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