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May 18, 2022

The last two years were a challenging time. Navigating a global pandemic, keeping a big roster of employees safe and healthy, setting up and maintaining the infrastructure for productive remote work flows and keeping up with government regulations certainly wasn’t a piece of cake. But we grew stronger.

The sudden shift to a staff fully operating in the home office was unusual at first. But we quickly saw the benefits. Our crew members had more time on their hands to spend with their families and loved ones. With the mandatory daily commute to the office out of the equation, a bigger focus on work life balance grew to become an even more integral part of our work culture. We acknowledge our privilege, working in an industry that had an easy time switching to a remote model and we feel blessed to be spared many of the hardships that befell many other companies.. 

Our amazing crew members now live all around Germany and Canada in locations they chose themselves. It is our set goal to give them as much freedom as possible when designing their life’s plan. Deck13 wants to be a valuable contributor helping you to explore opportunities, not the dominating part setting unnecessary restrictions. We even support work abroad for a limited amount of time each year. If all this sounds appealing to you, we have some good news! We want to keep the trend of the last years going and are looking to expand our company slowly and carefully. There are many open positions available and we’d love to receive your application!

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